AI: Standing on the Precipice of Opportunity

June 27, 2023 / Jason Schoettler

As investors dedicated to funding AI companies for the last decade, we clearly see AI as a huge opportunity. Long before the current AI craze, we recognized AI as one of the deep-tech sectors primed to scale. AI is clearly poised to empower humanity, transforming productivity and global living standards, yet it will also disrupt our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. Pondering these questions is important. But, at Calibrate, we also believe the conversation around AI should include a practical and focused discussion on solving today’s real-business problems.

That’s why Calibrate is the founding organizer of EON, an intimate and interactive event that gathers the smartest people researching, building, and deploying AI–the people actually putting AI to work. At EON, we will delve into the near-term opportunities and challenges companies face when introducing AI into their business workflows. EON fosters open dialogue to discuss the most pressing questions around the business and industrial problems that AI could solve, as well what impact those changes will have on all of us.

We planted the seeds for EON in 2021, holding EON’s inaugural event in October of 2022 focused on machine perception. EON will return this September 11-13 in Laguna Beach, and this year’s theme is how AI will empower humanity. Our “unconference” will feature interactive panels and participatory group roundtables that delve into how AI will impact food, health, manufacturing, and mobility–enormous industries serving our basic daily needs. Some of the topics we expect to discuss include:

●      In which industries will AI drive near-term impact and with what return on investment?

●      What are some of the non-technical barriers to wide-scale AI adoption?

●      How can organizations learn about and share knowledge about AI?

●      What are the coming advancements to LLMs and how can organizations organize their own data for training and inference?

EON stands for “Edge of Now”, which is where we believe humanity stands with respect to accelerating AI innovation. We stand on the precipice of perhaps the most exciting and transformative technology ever invented. We are at the tipping point for AI, and Calibrate is committed to fostering open conversation around the practical and business impacts of this fast-moving technology.

And, as investors, we are putting capital to work to fund the next generation of industry-transforming AI startups. Some of our current AI investments include:

●      Embodied, which is transforming tutoring, education, and development for children through its Moxie interactive robot.

●      Regard, which is saving doctors time by helping them make more accurate diagnoses that improve patient care and positively impact provider profitability.

●      Trellis, which helps legal professionals save time and money when researching and analyzing state court filings.

●      FarmWise, which helps farmers by deploying AI, computer vision, and robotics to precisely identify and remove weeds from large fields.

●      Diveplane, which is making AI traceable, safe, and understandable for businesses with sensitive data in healthcare, finance, and more.

These companies all have visionary founders committed to solving human-scale problems with AI. They are positively impacting productivity and labor to drive better outcomes in fields as diverse as education, agriculture, healthcare, and law, which translates into better outcomes for society at large. That is the kind of change Calibrate is committed to seeing in the world–and at EON, many founders of AI startups will join the conversation to share their visions of the future. They’ll be joined by potential enterprise customers–the everyday users of AI technology–as well as corporate partners building AI themselves, and researchers creating the next biggest AI breakthroughs.

As an invitation-only event with fewer than 100 hand-picked attendees, the environment at EON supports networking, conversation, and collaboration–precisely what is needed at this moment for AI. Visit the EON website to learn more. And if you’d like to apply to attend, please click here. Space is limited, so apply early.