Why We Invested in aiXplain: AI for Everyone

April 27, 2023 / Jason Schoettler

AI is everywhere. Yet it is still out of reach for most companies. AI frameworks, engines, and applications are extremely complex to build, requiring top-notch computer scientists and engineers–leaving many companies out of the AI race. That’s why Calibrate is so excited to have co-led an $8 million seed round in aiXplain, a no-code/low-code platform that enables anyone, even those with few technical skills, to quickly build robust AI applications to compete in the automation economy. No/low-code is critical for AI democratization because it will allow a much wider range of companies to leverage the power of AI.

Founded by AI visionary Hassan Sawaf, aiXplain puts AI in anyone’s hands—not just data scientists and engineers. Before starting aiXplain, Hassan spent 25 years building AI models at companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and eBay, collecting many patents for his NLP, computer vision, and machine translation technologies along the way. In other words, Hassan knows firsthand how difficult it is to build AI technologies, and he wanted to make it far easier to do for non-technical users.

With aiXplain, non-technical users can develop, manage, benchmark, experiment, and one-click deploy AI assets. And when they want to create more advanced applications, they can access over 35,000 assets, such as data, models, and pipelines, through the aiXplain marketplace. There, users can access aiXplain’s own assets, as well those from third parties such as OpenAI, Google, AWS, Azure, and dozens of other technology providers. Customers can design their own AI pipeline, benchmark their model against other models, use their own datasets, or benefit from available datasets. As a result, with little or no coding expertise users can unlock tremendous value for their organizations.

Many companies are already deploying aiXplain’s platform, including Slide, one of the largest insur-techs in the US. They have used aiXplain to rapidly develop an “co-pilot” agent that will support examiners in handling complex claims that include notes, images, voice, and more. That’s just one example out of millions of possibilities that aiXplain could enable. And Slide is just one of many customers already deriving a demonstrable return on investment by working with aiXplain’s products.

When companies think about AI today, many see the future but aren’t sure how to get there. All but the largest lack the technical teams needed to build AI applications and models in house, yet they know they need to adopt AI quickly to remain competitive. That’s why aiXplain’s no-code/low-code platform is so revolutionary: it lets every company take a first stab at developing AI solutions.

We’re thrilled to welcome aiXplain to the Calibrate family and can’t wait to see what Hassan and his team of talented technologists and business experts do next!