Brooke Van Natta

Head of Communications

Brooke is Calibrate Ventures’ resident Communications Advisor. She comes with over 20 years of experience managing strategic communications for venture-backed startups, VC firms, and publicly traded companies, with a variety of roles at PR agencies, consulting, and in-house positions. 

In her work with Calibrate, Brooke supports the firm and its portfolio companies in creating media campaigns, securing media coverage, and managing corporate communications to convey companies’ key messages and enhance their reputations for credibility, innovation, and thought leadership. 

Brooke draws upon her extensive network of longstanding trusted relationships with top-tier journalists, analysts,and influencers across the business and technology media landscape. She is known and respected for her thoughtful, energetic and disciplined approach to creating strategic communications and promotional campaigns that resonate with media and key audiences. Over the years she has helped shepherd numerous startups and publicly traded companies through their launches.

Brooke is a native of Palo Alto, California and attended University of California, Berkeley. When she is not working, she enjoys life at the beach with her family.