Calibrate - Kelly Fergus-Bentall

Kelly Fergus-Bentall


Kelly is an Operations and Salesforce Administrator at Calibrate Ventures. Her role includes executive-level administrative support, office management, Salesforce database management, and general project management, as well as event planning, and other initiatives to support Calibrate and its portfolio companies.

Known for her enthusiasm, versatility, and meticulous attention to detail, Kelly helps Calibrate Ventures succeed behind the scenes by pitching in on all kinds of projects, solving problems, meeting deadlines, and ensuring more efficient business operations. Kelly has extensive experience in the media, security, and finance industries, with a strong track record of responsibly handling confidential information and company finances, managing complex, time-sensitive projects, and working closely with Boards and high-level business leaders. 

Prior to joining Calibrate Ventures, Kelly worked as an executive assistant for the retired CEO of Experian, supporting him in his role on several Boards and managing his travel and events planning. She also worked as a senior executive assistant at IQinVision, a  manufacturer of network cameras and video recording systems, supporting the CFO and VP of Sales and Marketing. Kelly holds a BA in English from Hofstra University.